Top 10 GRE Tips to Score 320+

GRE Tips to score 320+

If getting admission into a top university abroad is your dream, then, the only way is to get 320+ in GRE.

We’ve come up with top GRE preparation tips on how to achieve a perfect score by high scorers.

GRE test score is the base for admitting into graduate programs and graduate schools across the countries.

The GRE test has three sections:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • AWA

Quantitative Reasoning assesses your skills in arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry and data analysis.

The average score range of this section is 130 and 170.

In verbal reasoning section, the graders will look for test takers skills in reading comprehension, text completion and sentence equivalence.

The average score range of this section is also 130 and 170.

AWA stands for Analytics Writing Measure.

It tests your writing skills and critical thinking.

Let’s explore those GRE tips to score 320 by high scorers who scored at least a combined score of 320 on the GRE. 

Top 10 GRE Preparation Tips to Score 320+

  1. Plan for a 330 on the GRE
  2. Be a Decent Test-taker
  3. Not Hard but Study Smart
  4. Identify the Best way to Study
  5. Quick and Creative
  6. Hail the Official Guide to the GRE
  7. Don’t Plan on the Cram
  8. Master Mental Math Tricks
  9. Don’t Forget to Take a Mock Test
  10. Be Happy and Relax

GRE Tip #1: Plan for a 330 on the GRE

#1 GRE tip: Plan for 330 on the GRE

According to the high scorers, who scored over 330, the difference between 330 and 320 score is only one exception i.e., Vocabulary.

GRE intentionally tests a little amount of material.

It doesn’t test trigonometry, calculus, art history, or underwater basket weaving, though it could. 

Once you’ve learned the GRE material, improving your score is no longer about learning more new stuff and following the preparation tips.

You have to learn the material first, and you need to learn it thoroughly.

That’s the only prerequisite to acquiring a score of 330 or higher, though it isn’t the whole story.

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GRE Tip #2: Be a Decent Test-taker

You have to start outscoring at least 325-330 on your first couple of practice exams before deciding to aim for a 340.

Pre-preparation using the GRE tips helps you to have taken and done well on other ETS exams.

This is very helpful if familiar with the general style of ETS’s question writing.

Practice, once you start scoring at least 165-167 consistently on each section, you have the fundamentals down.

You have to brush up on a few vocabulary words or math that you are missing every time.

Once you get up into the 336+ range, especially, the only thing that separates a 339-340 and a lower score is a couple of mistakes and neglecting some critical GRE preparation tips.

GRE Tip #3: Not Hard but Study Smart

GRE Tip: Study smart to score 320+ in GRE

Always studying hard doesn’t help.

Develop a systematic approach using GRE tips for studying, along with hard work in the areas that needs improvement.

With this, you’ll can achieve greater results quickly and end-up closer to your target score.

GRE Tip #4: Identify the Best way to Study GRE

Identify how to study and, more essentially, how you prepare and the tips you follow.

Some people learn better when they write things down, while some people study by hearing the information for the knowledge to sink in. 

There are few GRE coaching destinations available today to help you score 320+ with effective GRE exam tips.

Additionally, you can look back to successful study habits from college, which worth to determine your learning strengths and create a solid study plan.

GRE Tip #5: Quick and Creative

Quick and creative is the best GRE tip to score 320+

Work more quickly without sacrificing accuracy; the more likely you will be able to answer.

Use a stopwatch to practice until you can time lengths of 1 or 2 minutes.

Practice doing longer and timed problem sets. Don’t allow yourself to go past the time limit.

Start with shorter sets and try doing longer, timed problem sets.

Don’t allow yourself to past the time limit, even at times of practice.

Make guesses during these sets if required.

Try these GRE preparation tips with both randomly selected problems and targeted problem sets on particular topics.

Take your long problems seriously as your wrong ones.

Spending more time on these problems will help in improvement, even if you got it right.

Put these problems in your problem log and try to solve it.

GRE Preparation Tip #6: Hail the Official Guide to the GRE

The official GRE guide issued by ETS is the most effective and authoritative material for test preparation.

ETS being the conductor of GRE will find accurate GRE-style questions in the guide.

Practicing from this guide will help you get the hang of what to expect.

Even though the book is not exhaustive to prepare for the GRE, but is of paramount importance. 

GRE being an online exam, practicing from a book alone may not be the best way to improve your time-management skills.

GRE Preparation Tip #7: Don’t Plan on the Cram

GRE preparation tip: don't plan on the cram

Cram study is not recommended to preserve “mental acquisition.”

If you are one in search of last-minute GRE tips or want to study a day or two before the test for ten hours a day, you are more likely to get a lower score.

Nothing you study will stick and it is very important to take the day off before the test. 

GRE Tip #8: Master Mental Math Tricks

A quick calculation is a key to pace through the Quant section. Being able to “Mental Math” the points where the graph for x2=12-x would touch the axes will give you an extra 30 seconds to solve the next question.

Spend not more than two minutes for each problem.

Use calculator judiciously and slow down on word problems.

Use back solving strategy while answering problem solving questions.

Try to improve your phrasing skills and answer confidently.

Thus, you can avoid re-reading number of times.

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GRE Tip #9: Don’t Forget to Take Mock Test

The GRE being a 4-hour long exam, filled with its own set of booby traps.

You should be in a Zen mode when attempting a session for your GRE test.

You could make silly mistakes if you’re not alert enough. Besides, you may lose some valuable GRE preparation tips in a long way.

To effectively tackle this, one must accustom to the GRE test environment as much as possible.

Investing in a mock test source can go a long way and help you increase your attention, focus, and concentration.

You will come across several free GRE practice tests scattered across the internet, but hardly there exists a handful would ever be remotely close enough to the real Exam.

There is no point in practicing the tests without adaptability as it is not for testing your time management skills.

GRE Tip #10: Be Happy and Relax

GRE Tips: Be relax before giving your GRE Test

“Even though it sounds silly, the recommended way to acquire a good GRE score is believing in you,” this is the top GRE tip which more high-scores follows.

“Once you truly believe in yourself, you’ll be excited about the test because you know that you’ll be able to do well.”  

Finding the right mental composure is to perceiving the test positively and knowing to put your time to understand the GRE exam fully. 

Visit the test center the day before the test, so that you know exactly how to get there and what traffic may be like.

If you stick to your studying schedule and find a great resource for your GRE preparation, you’ll be on your way to test-taking success. 

Finally, Since GRE is a section-wise adaptive test, its difficulty level is based on your performance.

However, as a general thumb rule, you can expect the average difficulty level of the questions ranging from 2 to 4

However, focusing on these types of questions and following the proven GRE tips will be instrumental and helps to achieving your target score.

In conclusion, your road to achieving a 320+ in GRE is not a flash in the pan. 

Hope these GRE preparation tips would help you steer your path, but a guiding spirit has been the key in most success stories.

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