About Us

Welcome to TheScoreBooster, India’s leading online test prep for GRE, IELTS, GMAT, SAT and PTE. Over the years, many aspirants who want to study, work or live abroad have benefitted by taking test prep for various abroad migration tests from TheScoreBooster from their home without any exertion and turned up their dreams true. TheScoreBooster brings personalized training, test simulations and unique course matter all under one canopy. We have developed certain unusual and innovative features in test prep to prove ourselves in this competitive test prep world. We have succeeded in this race by making our students reach dream terminus by instigating innovative features and strategies in Test prep.

Prominent features of TheScoreBooster

We completely believe in accountability and quality, hence we always strive to render best in class test prep to the test takers through HQ video lectures sheathing all the prominent topics of the test to suffice their need of the candidate in terms of test subject.The best trait of these HQ video lectures is students can get the real-time classroom experience irrespective of the setting they are in and these lectures are shot by trainers who are proved and experienced with high standard knowledge upon the subject they are dealing with. Our trainers are very affable to make students feel comfortable during their test prep journey. Claimants can reach out to them to clarify their doubts in the subject, whenever they want through chat, email and call. Our team has developed an innovative training methodology which was being successfully implemented from the years and helping us to draw out the better scores in the tests. We always make sure that we hold peculiar features to prove us matchless where artificial intelligence is one of them. We feature this artificial intelligence which is sporadic in this test prep world, this AI reviews the applicant’s performance after every practice test and the students can get benefitted by knowing their strengths and weaknesses about the topic they learn. By this awareness students will get more cautious while writing the test and they will not repeat the same mistake again.

This AI is affixed to all the courses, i.e. GRE, PTE, GMAT, IELTS and GMAT. The claimants can experience lot many features which they cannot find anywhere in such affordable price. We provide the full length tests which hone the candidate in terms of time management and habituate him/her the real-time test format.