List of GRE Quant Topics and Weightage

GRE Quant Topics

The GRE exam pattern consists of 3 main segments namely Analytical Writing, Quantitative Comparison and Verbal Reasoning. Often, most of the students face trouble with the Quant Section (math section) either because of fear or hatred.

The ultimate objective of the GRE test taking process is to attain admission in your expected university. For that, the first step of yours is to know the quant test pattern and the syllabus included.

You should know, the GRE quantitative segment aims to test your skills in elementary quant concepts of arithmetic, geometry, algebra and data interpretation. The assessment of your abilities to solve problems is done with a variety of question types.

In fact, there are many other chapters under each concept. In this blog we provide you with all the information about the GRE Quant topics and their section-wise weightage.

GRE Quant Question Types:

Firstly, the questions from the topics you find in the GRE test are at your high-school level. However, question types in the GRE quantitative segment are classified into 4 types.

  • Quantitative comparison
  • Multiple Choices with 1 correct answer
  • Multiple choices with 1 or more correct answers
  • Numeric entry (computation)

For certain questions, you might be asked to provide an explanation in a few words. And also, there is one more type which asks to compare 2 quantities and answer with one statement which determines the best.

Now, let’s go through the list of the GRE quant topics.

Take a look over the topics that are assessed in the GRE quantitative Comparison segment.

GRE Quant Topic: Arithmetic

It deals with the number properties of positive and negative numbers, even, prime and integers. The crucial pattern of questions includes Quantitative Comparisons. In this kind of question, you are not supposed to make any assumptions.

Number properties and arithmetic operation such as;

  • Types of integers
  • Divisibility
  • Factorization
  • Prime numbers  
  • Remainders
  • Odd & Even integers

Besides, your ability in arithmetic operations is also assessed such as;

  • Square roots and Exponents
  • Approximations (estimations)
  • Percentage calculations
  • Finding the ratio
  • Rate calculations
  • Absolute value
  • Number line, decimals and sequences
GRE Quant Topic: Arithmetic Weightage
Sub TopicsWeightage
Number Types6 to 7
Number Lines
Number Properties
Place values
Unit digit/ cyclicity
Even and Odd
Prime, co-primes & Composite
Factors & Multiples, LCM & HCF
Remainder with exponent
Remainder with factorial
Divisibility Rules
Percentages(%inc, %dec, successive percentages)2 to 3
Profit & Loss
Simple & Compound Interest0 to 1
Exponents2 to 3
Mixtures & Alligations

GRE Quant Topic: Algebra

  • Algebraic exponents
  • Simplification & factorization of expressions
  • Algebraic relations, functions and inequalities
  • Linear equations, quadratic equations and simultaneous equations
GRE Quant Topic: Algebra Weightage
Sub TopicsWeightage
Linear equations,4 to 5
Quadratic Equations
Absolute values

In fact, Coordinate Geometry is included in algebra rather than Geometry as it generally deals with linear equations (line equations).

GRE Quant Topic: Coordinate Geometry

  • Function graphs
  • Line equations and distance between the points
  • Problems on intercepts and slopes of lines

GRE Quant Topic: Geometry

Plane geometry deals with a lot of topics in which TRIANGLES often becomes the one of high priority. You must learn Pythagorean Theorem and congruences. Besides, the special right angled triangle and the equilateral and isosceles triangles are important.

Note, you should memorize all the basic formulas related to geometry to get a good score in GRE.

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  • Transverse theorem which includes parallel lines, perpendicular lines, angles
  • Angle measurement
  • Circles
  • Triangles (equilateral, isosceles and scalene types)
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Special triangles (right angled triangles): 45 – 45 – 90 and 30 – 60 – 90
  • Quadrilaterals and polygons
  • Congruency
  • 3D figures
  • Calculating area, circumference, perimeter and volume
GRE Quant Topic: Geometry Weightage
Sub TopicsWeightage
Lines, Angles7 to 8
3D-Geometry0 to 1
Coordinate Geometry1 to 2

GRE Quant Topic: Word Problems

Word problems in the GRE generally include questions to find out the ages, to find the distance travelled, speed or the time taken to travel. Also, you might be asked to find the amount of work done. Word problem categories also include direct and inverse variations.

Always, in the GRE quant segment, problem solving type questions throws challenges. To crack this, you should practice well, how to translate the data from English to Math.

  • problems on ages
  • problems on distance (to find distance, speed or time)
  • Time and work done
  • Direct and inverse variations
GRE Quant Topic: Word Problems Weightage
Sub TopicsWeightage
Problems on ages2 to 3
Time and Distance
Time and Work
Direct and Inverse Variations

GRE Quant Topic: Data Interpretation

Problems regarding Data analysis in the GRE generally come in the form of tables, graphs, charts in many other forms that are listed below. Firstly, you should read and understand the question properly to gain accuracy in your solution.

The topics of interest included in data analysis are

  • Calculating the mean, median, standard deviation, range, interquartile range and percentiles
  • Analysing data in graphs, histograms, pie-diagrams, box plots (and scatter plots), frequency distribution
  • Quartiles, Quartile Deviation, Percentiles
  • Normal Distribution
  • sets
GRE Quant Topic: Data Interpretataion Weightage
Sub TopicsWeightage
Mean, Median & Mode6 to 7
Range, Standard Deviation
Quartiles, Quartile Deviation, Percentiles
Normal Distribution

It is to say, the difficulty level of the GRE quant questions is generally around your high-school mathematics.

Note: GRE Quantitative segment does not include TRIGONOMETRY.

GRE Quant Topic: Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous category in GRE quantitative reasoning include;

  • Permutations and combinations
  • Probability
GRE Quant Topic: Miscellaneous Weightage
Sub TopicsWeightage
Permutations and Combinations3 to 4

GRE Quant Topics Probable Volume

If you carefully observe, almost all the top scorers of the GRE quant would spend a considerable amount of their time in Geometry and applied mathematics, data analysis. It happens because; try to focus on the volume of questions in each topic.

If you come across a section of 20 questions, you encounter around 8 questions from the topics of Arithmetic and Algebra which are of east to medium level difficulty. Approximately 8 form Geometry of medium to high difficulty and 3 to 5 questions on Data Analysis of medium to high difficulty. And finally you find 2 to 4 questions from Applied Maths.

The above analysis speaks about why the top scorers of GRE quant has to master these topics especially Geometry because of its volume and the preferred difficulty level.


Speaking of the bottom line of the above discussion, you should be perfect in every topic to score 170/ 170 in GRE math. Simultaneously, you should focus on the volume of the topics and plan your GRE test prep accordingly.

The above list of all the topics included in the GRE quant segment allows you to schedule your training sessions. Before you start your practice, segregate the topics on similarity basis and then start your GRE test prep. We hope that the above given information will come handy and helpful to your training journey to plan your pace in the correct way. ALL THE BEST!!!

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