Here are some best IELTS Test Day tips you need to know

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It is the day when you can witness abroad dreamers look tensed by cracking their fingers and wiping the sweat dripping all the way down their faces.

Well, Yes! we are discussing about the IELTS test day which decides the fate of millions of dreamers who want to move to English speaking countries on various reasons be it for study or to work or to settle.

Post vigorous preparation a small mishap happened on the test day shouldn’t make all the struggle and money go in vain.

Then, here are some tips you can follow to reduce stress and give your best on the IELTS test day.

Be aware of the test centre and its route:

In consonance to past incidents, many students have faced hard times while reaching the test centre without knowing proper route to the test centre. 

It is better to steer the handle towards the test centre when you come out for a joy ride with your friend right before a week of your test date. 

This generates the familiarity with the route and landmarks along the way for better recognition.

Reach the centre on time:

This has to be your highest priority on your test day, because the test centre authorities will deny your entry if you arrive late to the test.

So, make sure you start off to the test centre three hours earlier to the test in order to allow some time in traffic jams and other consequences that are not in your control (strikes, road renovations etc.).

In fact, you have to finish some pre-test processes an hour before you start taking the test. So keeping all these factors in mind, better reach the centre early. 

Follow the Instructions

Before you start taking the test, you are required to pay attention to instructions to be followed throughout the test. Some of them include

  • Do not carry mobile phones, Wrist watches or any electronic gadget inside the test centre. If caught, you will not be allowed to write the test.
  • Test takers should show their passport whenever asked by any authorized person. So carry your passport and keep it safe.
  • Prior to every module (Listening, Reading & Writing), you’ll hear a set of instructions related to that respective module.

These instructions will teach you format to be followed while taking that module.

So pay attention closely towards instructions to avoid doubts while performing the module. 

Ensure that you’re carrying all the required documents

The document requirements remain the same for most test centres in India, but make sure at the test centre about what all the ID proof required from you on the test day.

One mandatory document required by every test taker is an authorized passport and make sure you carry it.

If will not be allowed to the test centre if you fail to carry any one of the required documents.

Eat sufficient food

The first day of the IELTS test (listening, reading and writing) will go for about 2 hour 40 minutes and test takers don’t get any breaks in between the test.

So, in order to control your hunger and maintain the stamina to withstand for such a long time, you better take enough.

Food which makes you feel filled not heavy. Since for most takers it will be the morning slot and you can eat a good breakfast and happily take the IELTS test .

Know what you are wearing

Since you’ll not be judged on what they are wearing on the test day but it is better to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and easy to carry.

E.g. some test takers come to the test centres wearing stiff jackets and leather blazers which might irritate them in between the test.

Hence, prefer wearing formals which makes you sustain till the end of the test without any irritation and inconvenience.

Finish your restroom needs

On the day-1 test, test takers don’t get any special breaks to fulfil the restroom needs.

In fact, they will be allowed if they seek permission from the invigilator, but they will not get any spare time at the end to finish the test.

 So, ensure that you had finished such needs before the test begins.

Carry your own water bottle

Take along your water bottle to the test center to avoid getting off the seat every time you feel thirsty. 


In case of any doubts regarding the test, test takers can raise their hand and the supervisor approach them to clear it and this is the way it has to be.

Test takers should not violate the rules by discussing with their fellow test takers which will turns as a reason to the authorities to invalidate the whole test.

At the end of the test

Just sit in your seat until the invigilator allows you to leave the room.

If you have any complaints about the test day or if you feel that something has affected your performance, then inform it to the test centre authority.


Do not cheat or copy from others. Always remember this, do not write once the invigilator asks you to stop. This is a case, in which your entire test can become refuted.

Hereby this just goes to announce every IELTS aspirant to follow the above mentioned tips to make the test day a happy ending and achieve your dream band.

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