How Long to Study for the GRE

How long to study for the GRE

Planning a time frame always matters. How long should I study for the GRE? Often, we come across this question on a regular basis.

If you insist on answering, you might need a time span from 1 month to 6 months for your training.

But, the truth is that your GRE preparation time depends on many factors such as your target score, target universities, subject oriented foundational skills, language proficiency etc.

Now, we will explain to you in this step by step guide to understand “How long should you study for the GRE?”

Your GRE Study Duration Depends upon the Target Grad School:

Expecting answer for the current question, your first step is to set your goal in the GRE score and the target grad school. Often, students report 1 to 6 months to prepare for the GRE. But, this looks like a wide limit and you need an answer that suits your unique circumstances.

After fixing your customized goals, you can lay a path to your training program considering each factor that influences your time to study as well as your score.

Practice Test Reveals How long You should Study for the GRE:

You must take this! Or else, how would you come to know your present range? It is the all-time best technique to identify the strengths and weaknesses of yours.

Here comes the time to think! Observe the study programs you wish to pursue and check how close you are to the required scores. This instinctively gives you a picture about how long you should study for the GRE.

Is your English Language Proficiency Optimal?

Not all GRE aspirants are English speakers nor it is their first language. If you are, it is great. Because, one of the 3 main GRE segments is Verbal Reasoning and it is typically a vocabulary test. If you are not an English speaker, it is insanely troublesome for you to deal with. Undoubtedly you require a lot of time to prepare for it.

How good are you at mathematics?

Well, if you deliberately choose the GRE, you should be good at math. If you work with math in your day to day life, you don’t need a lot of practice in math and your GRE preparation time will be lowered. Or, if you are not sure of your math performance, you need to test yourself with a few GRE quant practice questions. You have to diagnose yourself in every aspect to understand your abilities accurately.

Study Program Competitiveness decide how many Hours you should Study for GRE:

Of course! There are various educational institutions ranging from small to highly reputed ones. If you’re chosen grad school is highly competitive, your preparation should possess high intensity. Besides, some study programs will only consider your score in a certain segment whereas some will consider all the 3.

Observe, you can promptly understand that a study program related to science will focus on the score in quant segment. On the other side, literature and humanities oriented programs consider verbal segment.

How many Hours can You Invest for GRE in a Week?

This is where your GRE prep planning exactly starts. You have to allot a good number of hours per week to study the GRE. Fix a practical number of hours because overestimation or underestimation will create a problem. Such things can lead to frustration.

Plan according to the season, and also consider your profession if you are working for any organization. As a matter of fact, choose a practical number between 8-10 hours to be successfully productive.

Don’t try to skip your practice sessions of one week and cover it up in another week. Such attempts will burn your training.

How many Hours you need to Invest for GRE prep?

Now, it is crucial to figure out your requirement about the time. In the previous phase it was a time span you can afford per. But here, you should realize your requirements and decide the time you need to prepare (hours per week).

By this, you will come to know how many weeks you need to study for the GRE. Suppose, your calculation ended up at 80 hours which means that if you study 10 hours a week, your training takes 8 weeks. And, if you spend 5 hours a week, you should work for approximately 15-16 weeks.

Remind yourself with Grad School deadlines:

You need to check your time remaining for the grad schools to have your GRE score for admission. And accordingly, you have to plan your GRE exam date.

If you have 6 months for the examination, then there is no problem. But if you have an idea of sending your GRE score report immediately after you finish taking the test, then it is 10-15 days for both you and the applied school to know the official scores. Hence, plan to complete the GRE at least 3 weeks prior to the school deadlines.

Make your own Schedule for GRE Preparation:

When time becomes an influential factor, despite having other schedules for your GRE training, you must make one for your own. It intensifies your practice and through that enhances your performance. By making your own study plan, you can track your progress. Maintain uniformity in your study schedule and it will help you to make rest of the plan effectively.


Indeed, the GRE applicants start their practice before months. Still, some people hardly prepare. However, it is essential to know “how long I should study for the GRE”. Once you are clear with all the required information for your plan, check with the target score you must hit. Later, taking a practice test will confirm your range. Therefore, you will be clear with the time you need and then plan in a practical and productive way. ALL THE BEST!!!

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