How to Improve Vocabulary for IELTS

how to improve vocabulary for ielts

One most frequent question that hits every IELTS aspirant head is “How to improve vocabulary for IELTS?”. That is why most aspirants look for various ways to Improve vocabulary for IELTS.

Vocabulary is vital in our daily lives because a single inappropriate word can make the whole fate of IELTS topsy-turvy. The same phenomenon applies to IELTS as bad vocabulary can push you far from achieving your dream band score.

Although there is no such specific criterion set in the IELTS test to gauge test takers vocabulary, but one’s brain should be enriched with handsome vocabulary to successfully clear every module in IELTS, significantly, writing & speaking. Yes! test takers might lose their score if their vocabulary efficiency is poor.

Thus, it creates a serious necessity for every aspirant to uplift their existing vocabulary level to get targeted band.

This page brings to you various best possible answers to one question “How to improve vocabulary for IELTS?”.

11 Proven ways to Improve your Vocabulary for IELTS

1) Pen them down right at the moment

how to improve vocabulary for ielts

It might have sounded weird, but yes! It is considered as one of the effective ways to uplift vocabulary skills to the next level.

Most people might think writing down new words can present you as a nerd but you possibly have no idea how amazingly it will benefit you in terms of vocabulary.

When you open and check through the book someday, you’ll be surprised by the plethora of words treasured. The main motto behind is not to miss any moment which acknowledge a new word along with appropriate use in consonance with the situation.

Just imagine, you’d come across a new word while watching a movie or reading a newspaper or in any random situation, but what matters is “how well you can use that word according to your needs and situation?”

How to record a word to your collection?

Word – Indoctrination.

Meaning- inculcating a person or a group of people about some principles.

Synonyms – Instruction, inculcating, educating.

Use in sentence – “peter will attend the religious indoctrination session tonight”

If you record the word you hear this way and practice them in daily life, you can easily improve your vocabulary for IELTS.

2) Don’t leave it until you know it

how to improve vocabulary for ielts

To know the meaning and pronunciation of a word is highly important than actually knowing a word, because you will only get to use it when you know it.

For example, let’s suppose you’d heard the word “kind”.

Basically, Kind is a homonym which means the same spelling and the same sounding but it can be used in two different situations like..

“He was so kind towards the injured dog”.

Here the meaning of the word is generous.

“Pete’s behaviour was kind of arrogant in that moment”

Here the meaning of the same word is nature

If you observe the above mentioned, word is the same but it can be used in two different situations delivering two various meanings.

Similarly, there are some words in English that sound identical but deliver completely different meaning.

For example, let’s say,

Peter is wearing blue colour shirt

Peter blew out the candles on his birthday cake

Blew is the word which behaves identical to blue in terms of sounding but it carries a totally different meaning.

To understand the complete concept of homophones and homonyms, visit “Most commonly confused homophones in IELTS blog”.

Therefore, it is essential for IELTS aspirants to carefully analyse the word and understand its usage according to the situation and its pronunciation.

3) Gift yourself a good dictionary

how to increase vocabulary for ielts

Someone said, “A dictionary is merely a universe aligned in alphabetical order”. Nothing else can defend the enthusiast who aims to improve his/her vocabulary more than the dictionary does.

You will hardly figure out words which are not there in the dictionary as it covers almost every word that begins with every alphabet from A-Z.

Probably, it is one such matchless resource that can be utilized to the fullest for better understanding of a word.

To your surprise a “dictionary” will not just offers the meaning of a word alone, it also provides other elements like phonetic (sounding of that word), synonyms (similar words), antonyms (opposite words) and usage in a sentence.

But, make sure that you buy a dictionary from a reputed publication.

So, here’s why dictionary always remain in best possible solutions offered by most to the question “How to improve vocabulary for IELTS writing?

4) Walk through journals and newspapers

how to build vocabulary for ielts

Most articles and content stuff you find in newspapers and journals are written by expert writers who mastered presenting vast concepts using short sentences which have high level words.

If discussed in detail, some words in English can convey concepts that have to be explained in more than three words.

This phenomenon can be found in writings of newspapers as the publication wants the articles to be explanatory, yet precise.

So, IELTS enthusiasts can gather some really good words from the newspapers and practice them in different settings.

Indeed, if students practice these words properly, they can rock the IELTS writing test.

5) Just Watch Movies (“WITH SUBTITLES”)

ways to improve vocabulary for ielts

With constantly evolving technology, today, we can learn besides entertainment.  Most people are able to enjoy watching other language movies due to subtitles although their vernacular language is different.

Subtitles are nothing but the translation of the audio/ voice of the characters in motion picture.

As a matter of fact, watching movies in native language or another language with subtitles will help students understand convention of words according to the moment and situation.

If truth be told, makers of the movie are so keen in delivering a natural subtitle experience to the viewer which means grammar is not given much priority.

So, for IELTS aspirants it will be an amazing opportunity to learn how to speak with people in daily life setting which also includes IELTS speaking session.

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6) Look for New Words

how to improve vocabulary for ielts

Start looking for new words to the words you already know to reflect freshness in your talk.

This is a better technique to improve the quality of your vocabulary in IELTS. In detail, finding similar words (synonyms) to familiar words is easier than figuring out new words.   

For example, Perception is a word which you already know.

Insight, opinion, vision are some words which deliver the same meaning that “Perception” does. In short, they are called synonyms.

7) Use Vocab Apps

how to improve vocabulary for ielts

Hundreds of applications triggering vocabulary enhancement are obtainable at our fingertips nowadays.

These apps are designed with various elements like games, videos, puzzles & many more which aims to enrich IELTS vocabulary of the enthusiast.

Besides exercises and word puzzles, they also provide knowledge on phonetics, alternative words and many more related to vocabulary.

Such apps are actually fun and informative. Whoever owns a smartphone can make use of these apps and improve IELTS vocabulary at their convenience.

These apps are available for both android and IOS mobile users since most mobiles are running on these platforms.

Download thescorebooster android app to develop your vocabulary skills needed for IELTS.

8) Watch YouTube and Ted talks

how to improve vocabulary for ielts

In today’s world, people are being able to know everything happening in one’s life through various digital medium like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so many other ways.

TedX talk is one such amazing podium where people who’ve achieved something in their lives come and talk.

Following this will allow people learn how to speak properly and relevantly with confidence.

Most people wonder how the speaker in Tedx is being able to talk for so long without any break and trembling. It is a very simple phenomenon, he/she would’ve crafted a design to keep up their pace all along the session.

If truth be told, speakers will recite their scripts with utmost attention so that nobody should figure out any errors.

Thus, following such speeches will offer knowledge on amazing group of words which helps you improve vocabulary.

9) Never memorize them

Always keep in mind that words can sometimes be deceiving, because the meaning of a word used in one context will not be the same in another context although the word remains same. 

For example,

Stacie can’t lie to me

Please lie down on the couch”     

Here, the word lie is same in both the contexts, but it is delivering completely two various meanings.

This just goes to prove that one should never fix to one word and its meaning. Every time you come across a new word, try to find other ways to use it.

10) Play Word puzzles:

Today, it has become quite natural for a baby to an old man to play games and may be this has turned as a major reason for developers to involve education in fun.

If you are looking for fun ways for how to build your vocabulary for IELTS, then this is the best way to do it.

Just go the app store and download word building games to learn words while you enjoy.

Either win or lose, people always end up learning new words every time you play the game. 

11) Try Paraphrasing:

It is one such amazing way that allows IELTS aspirants to gather as many new words as they can.

Paraphrasing is nothing but modification of words which carries the same meaning. 

Just take a sentence and try to find words carrying same essence to replace the existing words in it. So, this way you will come across new words and add to your word treasure.

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