IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Band Score

IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks

Are you wondering how to improve your score in IELTS reading? In this blog, we’ve come up with proven IELTS reading tips and tricks to boost your reading score.

It is undeniable that, “the Reading module is one of the most important sections in IELTS test”.

IELTS Reading Part is different for Both Academic Training and General Training versions. And, the total time allotted is 60 minutes.

Of course, there is a trick involved which would make the given number of 40 questions a bit difficult to crack within time. A nonnative English speaker would face trouble if he/she doesn’t have a strategy.

Most test takers usually face hurdles while attempting the reading module on the test day like paraphrases, synonyms, vocabulary etc.

Here are some reading tips of IELTS you can implement during your preparation period as well as test day.

Proven IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks to increase your score:

Get Familiar with the Question types

The test takers should attempt 14 different kinds of questions in the reading module.

Thus, it is essential to get familiar with each type of question and their approach.

Familiarity with the question types is a very crucial thing to answer the questions in the given time limit. suppose, if you ever face a strange question that you have never seen before, it will consume your time.

Remember, never take chance and you should be aware of all types of possible question types and the process to solve them.

Students have to follow reading strategies to attack these questions to avoid wasting time looking for answers through separate analysis.

This is one of the best IELTS reading tips which develops your self-confidence and saves your precious time during the test as well.

Read more books and Newspapers to improve vocabulary

IELTS Reading Tips: Read Novels and Newspapers

Vocabulary plays a Important role to achieve success in the reading module. That is why test takers are often suggested to improve their with English vocabulary.

As it can help them more in clearing the reading module without putting much effort into it.

Instead of worrying, students can follow a simple technique to overcome the hard times while answering the questions.

When you don’t understand a word, start looking at the words and sentences around it for hints.

Indeed, you can find some words in the reading test which are actually difficult for IELTS teachers.

So, better not waste your time in running behind a word, if you don’t understand a word leave it and move further in the exam.

Try to read novels and newspapers to improve your vocabulary and spellings.

Understand the framing of the passage

As soon as you begin the test try to analyse the structure of the passage. Because the passage is comprised of key terms, count of paragraphs, phrases, identical words etc.

Doing this can help you understand the essence of the passage and fastens your level of finding answers.

Look for the important statements and what each paragraph contributes. Observe how the linking words change the meaning of the context

You should know the framing of the passage to understand the information located in certain part of the passage. You can save time by quickly identifying the required answer.


Skimming is most common IELTS reading tip which can be found in strategies list of every IELTS tutor.

This technique is all about figuring out the main segments of the passage such as headlines, names and titles etc.

You should try to predict the writer’s idea at your first contact with the passage in order to save your time from passing throughout the passage to find answers.

You must make the beginning and near part of the conclusion as the main focal points in order to get a complete scheme of the passage.


It is also considered as one of the prominent reading tips for IELTS followed by test takers to surpass the reading section in IELTS.

This will let the test takers to collect the necessary information quickly as you don’t read everything in the passage when scanning.

IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks: Scanning

This is a great method to understand the overall essence of the passage and decide yourself to figure out whether the information in that respective passage will help you or not.

Better understand what information you need to spot in the passage, It might be a name of a person, a relation between two persons, a year, a location or can be anything.

Scanning can help you find the exact answer quickly. Hence , this is ought to be the most effective ways to improve your IELTS reading score.

Identify keywords in passages

Identifying keywords by skimming the paragraphs is the top IELTS reading tip followed by many IELTS toppers. Do not attempt to read the full paragraph. Identify the keywords instead.

In fact, the questions in the IELTS Reading are direct and aims mostly on identifying the key words or some information. It does not ask you to summarize the passage.

In simple, locating and identifying the information will help you to crack the IELTS Reading module with ease. Note, at every step, it is suggested to save time. If you use time management skills in a competitive test, you will be definitely awarded with an impressive score.

Do not implement logics in answering questions

Avoid the enactment of logics or analytics while answering questions, because they might kill your time and makes you unable to answer every question.

So all you have to do is just search for the answers from the passage given using scanning technique.

Don’t fall in the traps of unknown words

Often, you find some unknown words in the IELTS reading test that you have never seen before. Featuring such unknown words in the passage is an intentional deed. It’s a test maker’s trap to assess whether you can find its meaning through surrounding clues.

In general, you will find the clues in the form of collocating word, description, suffix and prefix etc. Many IELTS toppers say that it’s all about analysis of the information and a smart choice of answers.

Read the instructions before every task

IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks: Read the instructions before every task

Ensure that you read the instructions prior attempting the task, since most tasks are identical.

Which does not include some tasks which deserves special attention like  True/False/Not Given, Matching tasks, Gap filling tasks are eminent.

In detail, while true/false/not given task, if the test takers choose True which means the entire sentence is true.

Sometimes it gets a little tricky questions in which not all of the mentioned specifics are true while others are false and the answer will be False in this case.

Similarly, during matching task, do not cross out the options which you’ve already used.

Be mindful of time

IELTS Reading Tips: Be mindful of time

Do not spend much time on any single section. Manage your time wisely and spend no more than 20 minutes on single section. It might lead you to run out of your valuable time. Therefore, manage your time according to the total number of tasks.

In addition, if you stuck at a question, don’t stop and move forward. You can come back and answer it at the end.One more thing to note, don’t leave any question unanswered.

The two things you get in the test room are booklet and answer sheet.

Most students will ruin their time by writing down the answers in the booklet and later to the answer sheet which is actually a foolish move.

Hence it is highly advisable to transfer your answers directly into the booklet as soon as you receive them to save your time for the succeeding tasks which demands more of your test time.

Conclusion: IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks

Summarizing the blog, there is a vital need of the IELTS reading tips and tricks when you wish to crack it with a high band score. These tricks are tailored for the potential IELTS aspirants that make your winning easier.

Apply the above tips of IELTS reading in your training program and observe the instant change in your performance. We are sure that the information we provided will serve you as a good support in your IELTS test prep. ALL THE BEST!!!

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