How to Prepare for IELTS at Home

How to prepare for IELTS at home

Today, the first question that strikes most students and working professionals is “How to prepare for IELTS Exam at home?” as they don’t find enough time to reach out to coaching centers and dedicate themselves towards IELTS preparation.

Well, that would be a great decision if you want to be among those people who are willing to prepare for IELTS at home to save time and money.

Not every abroad aspirant holds enough free time and stretch out to coaching institutes for IELTS training as most people in this category are working professionals, students and households.

Thus, it will be an obvious statement that they might not get free time to dedicate towards IELTS training and they look for surrogate ways to suffice this need.

Well, this page presents an impeccable answer to your question “How to prepare for IELTS from home?”

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Understand the Test Format and Regulations

How to prepare for IELTS from home: Understand the IELTS test format

“Understanding the test format and question types is the key to success in IELTS”. So, it is an agreeable fact that this should be the first priority when you plan to prepare for IELTS at home. When you choose any trainer he will start your preparation with the same thing. Gaining knowledge about test format and questions will make your preparation much easier and so clearing IELTS. This will also help you in planning study plan.

(Academic & General training)

(Academic & General training)

4 sections, 40 questions & 40 minutesAcademic Reading- 3 sections, 40 questions & 60 minutes

General Training reading-
3 sections, 40 questions & 60 minutes
Academic Writing- 2 tasks 60 minutes

General Training writing-
2 tasks 60 minutes
One – on – One interview

Check the below links to know more about each module in detail

Prepare a self Study Plan or Schedule

Self study plan is very crucial if you wish to succeed in IELTS exam by preparing from home. A self-study plan is clear segmentation of IELTS topics depending on the days left for test. Well, this will help people who wish to prepare for IELTS by themselves, especially, people who are taking the IELTS for the first time. These study plans are varying from each other and you can choose the right study plan that fits you.

How to prepare for IELTS at home: Create a self study plan

To help you creating a study plan we’ve prepared a “Powerful IELTS study plan” check it before you prepare. Preparing a self study plan alone will not fetch you success you need to follow it.

Do not cram all the time

It is always said that reading smart is wiser than cramming all the time. Most people have this belief that they can only flourish when they hold the book and study for hours.

Honestly, the probability of success is low in this phenomenon as consistent learning scheme can create turbulence in learner’s brain and trigger confusion during the test.

So, IELTS experts say it is clever to partition the preparation timings and prioritize topics as per their prominence.

It is not just about the timings, studying in different rooms of your house will also help your preparation.

Border yourself with English

This is one such strategy you can follow to multiply your score in IELTS. It is the fact that IELTS test is all about English and involving it in daily routine by any which way will help you clear all the modules easily.

In greater detail, if you are a movie bug and there’s no such movie in your shelf which you haven’t watched, then start watching English movies even though you don’t like them.

One major benefit you might get from this is how to pronounce a word along with gestures and expressions you should maintain while speaking.

This doesn’t end here-

  • Start reading English novels
  • Listen to podcast of your favorite speaker
  • Watch TedX talks
  • Play word games
  • Be a polyglot in watching movies with subtitles ON    
  • Speak and text in English with your friends

Practice full length tests as many as you can

Practice is the best weapon to master any task and to succeed in it. The same rule follows for IELTS too. Proper practice is the first tip suggested by the experts in order to study for IELTS at home.

As IELTS test is new for every student as it is not a part of any academic curriculum. Thus, it is the reason behind people to seek training from coaching institutes.

Though every aspect of this test is grounded on English languages, it is quite essential to understand certain aspects like

  • Time allotment
  • Test format
  • Question types

If you search on the internet for IELTS full length tests you can find them in thousands and and make sure they are real time simulated. 

In greater detail, real time simulated full length tests are nothing but emulating the actual IELTS day test in terms of format and time. Practicing on these will familiarize and habituate the student in tackling IELTS test. 

Prepare for IELTS at Home by Signing Up an online IELTS Course

You can prepare for IELTS from home by signing up an online course. Now a days, technology offers us with allowance to tackle complicated things in our lives easily and this provision is swelling each day. You will witness hundreds of online IELTS test prep programs that are crafted to suit every student’s interests.

These IELTS online test prep platforms contain different study plans curated aspirants planning to prepare for IELTS at home. 

These online IELTS course remain comprehensive and offer everything that is offered by offline coaching. 

Through online IELTS test prep, you can enjoy-

  • Speaking mocks,
  • Unlimited full length tests,
  • Personalized training,
  • Review mechanism,
  • Doubt clearance sessions,
  • 24/7 chat & email support and many more.

Shortly, they are no less than offline coaching but the only difference is flexibility.

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Click here to enjoy free trial. 

If you wish to try it, click here   

Prepare for IELTS at Home by Following TedX Talks

If you are one among those who wish to score high in listening and speaking score, then watch TedX talks, just give a thought to this.

The prime intent of TedX talks to make the world acknowledge inspiring ideas and bygones of many great people who have achieved so much in their lives.

And these people belong to various parts of the world and has their own vernacular languages and so the accents. If said simply, there is app you can get to learn as many accents as you can learn though TedX talks.

Thus, it becomes a great platform to listen, analyze and learn diverse accents in English. This will hugely help you in clearing listening and speaking module.  

Conclusion: How to Prepare for IELTS at Home

Preparing for IELTS at home is not something that really matters if you have proper planning and strict curriculum with reliable study material and expert guidance.

Are you the one among the many IELTS aspirants worrying about attaining the best IELTS 7+ band score? Follow the above methods to find the best ways on how to study for IELTS at home. Moreover, it saves your valuable time and money as you can prepare according to your flexibility.

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