How to Study for the GRE

How to study for the GRE

It is essential to learn how to study for the GRE to achieve your goal with sure success study methods. The GRE test being a competitive test demands you to explore a variety of training methods in order to succeed. Here, we give you the proven methods to follow to crack the GRE test and attain a high score.

When you are in short of time, counting from the first day, every step of yours is crucial. This is the reason why you need a plan to “How to prepare for GRE?”.

Now, let’s get into the subject of interest ‘the best way to study for GRE’.

Understand the GRE Test Pattern and Assessment

Knowledge about the test pattern is crucial if you want to understand the best way to study for GRE. The standardised GRE test consists of three sections namely AWA (Analytical Writing), Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.

To know more about these 3 sections check

Perfect guide to GRE Analytical Writing

Guide to GRE Verbal Reasoning 

On purpose, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) assesses your abilities in vocabulary, quantitative comparison and critical thinking.The Analytical Writing section assesses your critical thinking and evaluating skills. Whereas, Verbal reasoning tests your vocabulary skills while comprehension type assesses your reading and reasoning abilities. To crack the GRE Verbal section, you should learn a great list of GRE words. The Quantitative Comparison section assess

Determine your Target

You might have already decided your target schools. Now, it is time to decide the target score or cannot be able to manage your speed and intensity in your GRE test prep. Targeting a high score will keep you above average and towards merit. So, aim for a higher score than you expect.

Choose Your GRE Test Prep Mode:

Decide yourself if you are moving forward with self-study, coaching centre or online test prep and plan your journey till the exam date. But, it depends on the duration of time you allot for your training and your target universities.

Among a few ways to prepare for the GRE, most reliable are to hire a GRE expert or you can choose to train yourself. Besides, one more way that is proven to be productive is the GRE Online Training Program. Subsequently, if you choose to study yourself, continue reading to understand ‘How to study for the GRE?

Prepare a study schedule

Your GRE study plan should be productive and strategic in nature. Make such a plan that it covers all the sections with an impressive performance. First decide what your target is and prepare towards that. Cover every single chapter and test yourself again and again.

Every section in the GRE is uniquely framed in such a way that it is not an easy crack. In particular, Quantitative reasoning turns to a brain teaser while attempting to answer the questions.

In order to make your own study plan, you should ask yourself “How long should I study for the GRE?” Once you get your answer, it’s time to work on a STUDY PLAN.

The study schedule should consider your present skills and abilities. The next move is to target the required skills through constant training and it’s a long term study schedule. However, you should observe your timeline so that the schedule fits the deadlines leaving some surplus time behind (for you to take a break). 

Follow our study plans

1 month Study Plan

2 months Study Plan

3 months Study Plan

As a part of your GRE study plan, take a mock test and if you are weak at 2 sections, we strongly recommend you to move for online GRE preparation course (considering the time factor).

Gather Quality Study Materials:

Remember, do not limit yourself to one study material. It is always preferable to search and gather for good quality study materials. Because, if the study material you read does not match the GRE test requirements, you would be misguided.  Therefore, use every resource but make sure that it is of high quality.

Work on Timed-Practice Tests:

You might be capable of answering every question in the GRE test,but ask yourself whether you can do it on time. Your answer may not be sure. In fact, it is required to time your practice tests in your training. 

For example, the quant section has 20 questions in a subsection. The allotted time is 35 minutes. Suppose, you have 1.30 – 1.45 minutes per question. 

The fact is, some questions may be easy and some may be complicated. The GRE test makers tailor the test in such a way that it is not easy to crack it without difficulty and proper practice.

Therefore, work on timed practice tests to gain control over time management skills.

Mock Tests and Trainer Feedbacks:

Mock tests mimic the real time conditions. Through a mock test, you will get used to the test day circumstances and you will be able to conquer the test with more ease and comfort. These are the best way to hit nervousness as most of the time, nervousness can decline your performance.

In addition, instant feedback from your trainers would help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you can improve the areas where you are weak and make your command over the syllabus uniform.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

Prepare for any type of test, Practice is undoubtedly your success mantra to become successful in any stream.

Practice more till you get the knack on every aspect in the GRE syllabus especially verbal and quant sections to score 320+ in the GRE test.

Include best GRE tips and tricks in your practice. Use the study material provided by your trainer. Take regular practice tests to know how your performance is. Besides, you should understand your strengths and weaknesses to improve your effectiveness. Get feedback from your trainers instantly. Moreover, practice develops your confidence.


The above answer for the question, “How to study for the GRE?” is a brief explanation of how to prepare for the GRE test. Understand the importance of every segment and how it is helpful to you while training. Include them in your training sessions for a better result to make your dream come true. ALL THE BEST!!!

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