IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions – Tips and Strategies

IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions Tips

The multiple choice questions (MCQs) in IELTS listening appears in 2, 3, and 4 parts of IELTS listening test. Most IELTS students search for the effective tips for IELTS listening multiple choice questions. This is because the IELTS listening module requires you answer various types of questions. 

Moreover, the multiple choice questions in IELTS listening is the most problematic question type. Indeed, the MCQ in IELTS listening seems to be scary at first.

How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions in IELTS Listening?

The multiple choice questions in IELTS listening is one that comprises of a question with number of answer options.  However, you have to choose the right answer option among them. In some questions, only one option is correct while in some other questions, more than one option is correct.

Many pieces of research on IELTS stated that most students who are appearing in IELTS fear of questions associated with MCQs. 

The MCQs in IELTS Listening Appears in Three Types

  1. Questions with three different options in which only one answer is correct.
  2. Questions with three different options with “a” and “b” of “c” are correct.
  3. The final one is a sentence is given and you have to match with one of the given pictures.

Furthermore, there are some important tips that you can apply to ensure that you get the best IELTS listening band 8+.

Let’s now try to understand the tips to IELTS listening MCQs.

Underlining the keywords is the best tip to answer the multiple choice questions in IELTS listening.

You will come across options containing “one word or two words” to choose the answer for the given question.

Concentrate on the question and audio simultaneously. So, it is extremely easy to answer this type.


  • Type of insurance policy chosen
  1. Standard
  2. Premium
  3. Economy
  • Germany won’t exports
  1. Food products
  2. Vehicles
  3. Metals
  4. Goods
  • The bamboo sticks can be purchased at
  1. Garden centres
  2. Departmental stores
  3. Restaurants
  4. Railway Stations

The other type of MCQs in IELTS listening is sentence completion. In this type, you will complete the given incomplete sentence using one of the options in the sentence stem.

In this section, you will be listening to a video and answer the question given choosing the right answer from the given options.

  • When Raj and Shah met, they will have
  1. Lunch
  2. Coffee
  3. Dinner
  4. Breakfast
  • How much they will pay for the restaurant?
  1. $100
  2. $1100
  3. $1250
  4. $1500

The above MCQs can be answered only if you listen to the audio carefully.

General Tips for IELTS listening Multiple Choice Questions

  • Look for the title and read the question until the end. Also, read the options.
  • Read the question carefully and underline the keyword.
  • Your answer should be a letter (you should provide the answer with the number of the option). For example: if your answer is option d) restaurant, you should mention’ in the answer.
  • Paraphrasing (both question and answer words should be paraphrased)
  • The answer will be mostly in synonyms.
  • Watch out for answers that are correct. Remember that an exact match will not be the right answer all the time
  • Don’t think that the answer to the last answer will appear in the last sentence.
  • Don’t think that the answers will be in a sequence.
  • If you feel that you are unable to follow the ideas of the speaker, which means you are weak at comprehension. You probably need to spend more time on building your general listening comprehension skills.
  • Finally, the best way to crack the IELTS listening multiple choice questions is to take an online coaching and practice test.
  • Try taking IELTS test prep from the leading platforms such as, to master the concepts and to acquire a higher band 8+ in all IELTS sections.
  • Practice listening to some podcasts online, and stick to subjects you are interested in to maintain your motivation.

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The above tips help you understand the format and question types in IELTS listening MCQs. Now, let’s have a look on tips to assess your performance in multiple choice questions.

IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Question tips to Analyse Your Performance 

  • Assessing your abilities in the listening section is the first step to crack the multiple choice questions of IELTS listening.
  • Try listening to each multiple-choice recording before looking at the questions.
  • If you are unable to understand what the speaker says, stop the recording immediately.
  • However, you have to practice more to follow exactly what the speaker says
  • Take more practicing tests to answer the IELTS listening multiple choice questions accurate. 
  • Furthermore, you have to expose your brain more into the English language to crack the MCQs in IELTS listening.
  • Allow yourself to underline only one keyword in each question and in each choice. See if you can get the answers by focusing on those keywords only.
  • Analyse the difficulties after each practice exercise, and identify the exact points where you went wrong.

Test-day Tips for IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions

In addition to the general listening tips to ace the MCQs, here are some test day tips to follow:

  • Try to get ahead of time. Most IELTS test-takers start reading for the listening section 3 during the breaks in 1 and 2 sections. However, it is a good idea if you are confident with the first two sections.
  • As mentioned earlier, underline one or two keywords in each multiple choice question. Try to focus only on these keywords when listening.
  • Do not forget to remember to listen for paraphrasing and synonyms. Moreover, you won’t always hear the exact words from the questions or choices.
  • Do not forget to follow the recording along with the task on the mind.
  • Underline the keywords that you hear. This ensures that you are in the right place.
  • If you miss something, move on and find your place as quickly as possible by listening for a keyword.
  • Carefully transfer your answers. Your answer will be marked wrong if you write a word instead of mentioning the respective letter.
  • If you were asked to select two or more options of the given MCQ in IELTS listening, you are free to write the answers in any order. Furthermore, you need not answer in alphabetical order.

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In spite of all these, proper practice tests that too the audio-only practice tests helps you crack the IELTS listening MCQ section.

Please do comment if you have any queries or need any information regarding IELTS and its IELTS test prep.

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