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IELTS Test Day Do’s And Don’ts

IELTS, the most preferred English language proficiency test across the world. People usually take IELTS test to prove their skills in the English language to get a study or work visas abroad. IELTS test happens in more than 40 cities across India.  IELTS unrolls huge openings on both educational and professional fronts in abroad, so by this statement, we should understand its global acceptance. Having prepared yourselves for IELTS test out of months of practice and struggle you should not perpetrate any misstep on the IELTS test day which is the decider to your abroad future. Here are some do’s and don’ts you should check out to make your IELTS test day a victory,  

1- IELTS test is renowned as a secure test with strict rules. The test takers are instructed to carry a valid government ID proof or a passport on the IELTS test day. It is mandatory to take the passport along with you to the test center as you are required to show it whenever asked. In short, passport acts like an entry pass to the test center, hence always make sure that you have the valid passport with you before you leave to the test center.

2- Many IELTS test takers get tangled in search of their allotted test center. People get worried and tensed when they reach the wrong test center instead of the right one, so to overcome these mishaps you should know the exact test center location. Because in every city there are many IELTS test centers, which leaves a space for getting confused. As we all know in IELTS test happens for two days, listening, reading and writing on Day-1 and Speaking module on the very next day or within seven working days from the Day-1.  The main hitch that rises here is the test center allocated for the day-1 IELTS test may or may not be the same for Day-2 IELTS test. So, the test takers should get complete awareness of their allotted test centers and their locations. Know more about the test pattern inIELTS exam pattern.

3- Being a test taker, you are supposed to pay more focus and attention to the IELTS test day more than you’ve shown throughout in your preparation phase. You should completely give your day to IELTS on the test day without indulging in any other commitments. Because your focus might get wandered if you merge other accomplishments with IELTS on the test day, it might affect your performance on the test. So, make sure you don’t have in any other commitments on the test day.

4- We usually come across sportsmanlike a cricketers who keeps on making gesticulations such as bowling in the air, batting in the air, by which we should understand they are living in an aura of cricket, Similarly IELTS is an English language test, where the test taker will get tested from all the four corners of English. So, the test taker should turn down his vernacular habits during the preparation period and include English in his every move such as watch English movies, listen to English podcasts and try to communicate in English with your parents and friends everytime you conversate

      Doing this will unquestionably improve your fluency, vocabulary usage, grammar and sentence formation, etc. in the English language. In short, live with English during your IELTS prep phase.  

5- Other than anything, the most prominent mood you must carry on  IELTS test day is being positive. As per the research, test takers with a positive attitude (ready to accept) were doing great in the IELTS test and drawing best results as compared to the test takers who are panic and bothered about their performance. 

6- The start time of IELTS test varies between country to country wherever IELTS test will get organized. In India, the IELTS exam starts around 1 pm and ends at 4 pm. These timings may get changed sometimes with the effect of consequences happen at the test centers. But, the test takers should always remember that they should report at the test center by 11:30 am to finish pre-test procedures of the test.

7- During the IELTS test, the test takers will not be allowed to take respites for using restrooms. So always make sure that you finish all your restroom deeds before you start taking the test. Folks, one more thing that has to get highlighted here is about your food intake, IELTS is a 2hr 45min to 3 hr test where the test takers should sit and take the test without any break. So, make sure that you take sufficient food to make you withstand until you finish the test.

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