Incredible IELTS Speaking Tips for Band 9

IELTS Speaking Tips for band 9

Do you want to score a perfect band 9 in IELTS speaking test? Then, you must go through these incredible IELTS speaking tips for band 9.

You must’ve heard IELTS experts saying, “a good IELTS speaking score can make a lot of difference in overall band score”.

Well, it’s absolutely an agreeable statement in terms of developing your final band score in IELTS.

In order to get high score in IELTS speaking test you need to understand the scoring criteria. Now, lets see on what basis IELTS speaking is marked.

IELTS speaking is marked on four parameters

  • Fluency & Coherence (25%)
  • Lexical Resource (25%)
  • Grammar (25%)
  • Pronunciation (25%)

To know more about IELTS speaking test check this guide to IELTS speaking test.

Now, let’s go through the incredible tips for IELTS speaking test to score perfect band 9.

Effective and Proven IELTS speaking tips for band 9

#1 IELTS Speaking Tip: Understand the Question

It is very crucial to understand the question if you are unable to understand what the examiner asked you, ask him to repeat it.  Don’t try to answer it the first time if you have not understood or heard it properly. 

Moreover, you won’t lose marks if you ask for a question to be repeated. But, remember if you are unable to understand many questions, and then know that you are probably not ready to take the test.

#2 IELTS Speaking Tip: Go Formal

The best part of the IELTS test is that the test takers are not required to maintain formal attire, instead, they can wear anything they feel comfortable with. 

Better go in formals at least for the speaking module to look professional and create a positive vibe.

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#3 IELTS Speaking Tip: Stay Confident, maintain Eye Contact, and Smile

Tips for IELTS speaking test

The first thing you should do the moment you enter is to wish the examiner with a warm smile. 

Always remember that eyes are the most important elements that projects your confidence to the examiner. So, whatever you say, just say it with confidence, be it right or wrong. 

You have to present yourself confidently to the examiner that you’ll clear the test for sure. 

Every time you speak, do not let your eyes go off the examiner and do not look here are there. 

#4 IELTS Speaking Tip: Do not keep your answers short

The name itself persists that you have to “speak” as much as you can to prove your skills. 

Never answer the questions in short words, because the examiner expects exaggeration from you to gauge your abilities in communication. 

So, try to justify your answers, especially in part-1.

For example-

Examiner: What was the last book you read?

Student: Twilight.(Never do this)

Instead, you should answer this way “The last book I read was “twilight” and it really created an impact in me about delicate emotions. The author has succeeded in allocating equal importance to every character.”

#5 IELTS Speaking Tip: Happily clear your doubts

IELTS speaking tips: clear your doubts

It is a myth that, “ students cannot raise questions, since the interviewer is the only person allowed to do so”. 

The Reality is students can happily ask if they have any doubts to avoid answering questions irrelevantly. 

Sometimes, students answer the questions in the way they heard them but the actual intention of the question lies something else.

Experts always involve this in their IELTS speaking tips whenever they advise students.

So, this can affect their score in the module.

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#6 IELTS Speaking Tip: Use “Better” vocabulary

IELTS speaking tips : Use better vocabulary

This is something you would find in mostly in the internet for IELTS speaking tips band 9.

Unarguably, vocabulary is the building blocks for communication. In short, a good vocabulary can develop your performance and a bad vocabulary can ruin your performance.

 Well, in a test like IELTS, instead of using simple words, it is advisable to use high level words while while you speak. This reflects your hold with English. 

To explain, in the first part of the test, students will be asked about the general things like friends, travel, games, habits etc. So, while explaining these things better use high level words while explaining, since you already know what to say.

For example, instead of saying, “I love Switzerland, because it’s cool”, you can probably say, “ Switzerland has always been on top of my best-loved destinations, since it has the best breathtaking views and valleys”

Since you know about the general topics you might get questioned in the first section you better practice how to explain them with attractive vocabulary.

Just keep a watch on your pronunciation. Because. you might pronounce words the way which they aren’t supposed to be.

#7 IELTS Speaking Tip: Speak Loud and clear

IELTS speaking tips: speak loud and clear

Every minute of the session will be recorded for further evaluation. since the interviewer is not the only person to gauge your skills. 

So, whatever you speak during the session, keep it loud and clear.

#8 IELTS Speaking Tip: Implement speaking strategies

Most students make use of IELTS speaking strategies to overcome the hurdles they face during the task.

Learning these strategies will make you confident enough to tackle the task be it the introduction task or the q-card task.

Explore IELTS speaking strategies in detail for a better idea.

#9 IELTS Speaking Tip: Avoid overuse similar words

Some students actually use words like “I like” “I have” which has to be circumvented. 

This can create a disinterest in the interviewer upon you which in return affects your score.

For example, instead of using “I hate” consider using “I avoid”, “ I keep myself away from”.

These are some effective IELTS speaking tips and tricks one can follow to multiply their score in the speaking module. For more information, visit us on

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