PTE Academic Test Strategies & Online Preparation

PTE Academic Test Pattern & Online Preparation

The first step in PTE Academic test strategies & online preparation is strategizing your plan for any test preparation is to know your academic range with respect to the required criteria of the corresponding test. Now, substitute the above in your PTE preparation. Therefore, you should be aware of your present proficiency level.

Before making a test prep strategy you should start with a practice test to determine your current range.

You should know that your overall score depends upon your overall performance (which means your performance in all the test modules). So, you should focus on every area and work on your weaknesses to make all your skills uniform.

Understand the PTE Academic Test Pattern:

Understanding the exam pattern would tell you what kinds of topics and question types you are going to face in the test. It would allow you to work on the required skills (test modules involved in the PTE) along with their enabling skills such as grammar, pronunciation, spelling, vocab, and fluency which enhance your English language proficiency.

In order to be productive, you should make yourself clear with a set of questions about the test pattern.

  • Number of parts included in the test and number of questions per each part
  • All the question types
  • Time allotted for each part of the exam and the average working time on each of the question types
  • The presentation process of questions on screen
  • On what criteria your performance is marked?

Know-How Your Performance is marked:

Your marking is entirely done by machine. Marking policies applied are very specific, for example, some questions look for only correctness while others look for quality and formal aspects. Formal aspects regard the response where the quality (skills in the areas of speaking and writing) is measured through your language enabling skills. It is to remember that you are awarded for enabling skills only in specific areas. Your communicative skills (and also sub-skills) are tested in every area.

Look for the Standard Study Material:

A standard study material by an expert is one that could guide you in the correct way. Therefore, look for an official study material from PTE Academic as well as a perfectly updated one from an expert trainer.

Knowledge of other English Accents:

Obviously, there is a huge difference between UK English and US English. Eventually, people talk in different accents using unique terminology with respect to their place (for example Australia, New Zealand, other European countries etc.)

Here, it is important to have good knowledge of different accents to excel in the PTE Speaking and Listening parts (it helps in understanding the recordings).

PTE Academic  Mock Tests:

A very simple answer to hit your nervousness is a mock test. Besides, it helps you to get used to the PTE test environment.

Mock tests will also allow you to know your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with instant feedback. After every mock test, you will be able to revive and develop your test preparation strategies.

Prefer an PTE Academic Online Course:

The reason behind this is pretty fair. An online PTE training course enables you to practice in one to one mode with the mentor’s concentration all over you. The trainers would support you with instant feedback helping you to know your current academic range and also to improve your performance. There are many online courses available across the world but prefer to choose the best one with a high success rate and affordability. For more information check TheScoreBooster website

Practice and Practice More:

The practice is all about improving and perfecting your skills until you reach the required level to crack the PTE Examination with the expected score (the needed score to get admitted to the target university).

Use your spare time to practice at a micro-level (a 5-10 minute practice in your spare time). Try to speak English a lot and create an atmosphere around you to involve in practice. Find English-speaking companions and groups to gain a firm grip over conversation skills.


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