Strategies To Score High In IELTS Speaking Module

The Speaking module in IELTS test is one of the most challenging modules in the IELTS exam. We usually come across some people look so worried and depressed about their performance in the speaking module even though they did amazing in the rest three modules (L, W, R).

In any language, speaking is very crucial as it is used to run empathy. Similarly, when you are migrating to English speaking countries where you cannot go vernacular, then it will get tough for your being.

Hence, that’s how the Speaking module in IELTS has procured such prominence. IELTS speaking module will get conducted the next day to day-1 IELTS test or within the seven working days from the day-1 IELTS test. Find out more about speaking module pattern in IELTS speaking.

Figure out the strategies you need to clear the Speaking Module easily:-

Improve your confidence, fluency and continuity  

In the speaking module, we cannot find any tasks those involve physical gesticulations like writing, but all you need to do is to utilize your speaking and impulsive abilities in answering the questions raised by the interviewer.

If you understand the “IELTS speaking module” in task-1 test taker has to answer the questions asked about the topics involved in his/her routine like family, friends, hobbies, academics, future goals, reasons for abroad attraction, hobbies, qualifications, hometown, last trips and treks he/she had been to etc.

It is easy to be spontaneous while explaining the topics which you know that explaining the on the topics on which you have no clue.

Hence try to give the best in the first round of speaking module and impress the interviewer as much as you can with your speaking skills. In spite of being impulsive, it is also necessary to maintain continuity in speech, confidence, and fluency in your speech.

Maintain the excitement throughout the session

Try to make the interviewer feel your excitement in flying abroad through your answers whereas this doesn’t mean you can behave like a rabid in front of the examiner. Hence, better let your answers get expressive. We should understand that enthusiasm reflects your confidence levels too.

Be mindful of the speaker’s accent

In India, on IELTS speaking module day the examiner may be a foreigner or an Indian, but according to recent stats the test takers may witness foreign examiner 03 out of 10 times on the IELTS speaking day.

Most of the applicants get confused with the accent and pronunciation of the examiner which leads to miscommunication sometimes, hence it’s wise to watch English movies and news channels to analyse different accents and pronunciations.

Take leverage of this opportunity

The “Speaking” module, where it is apparent that it is a test for assessing speaking skills, hence you being a test taker should speak as much as you can to prove your abilities in speaking.

This speaking module evaluates the test taker’s speaking module on fluency, confidence, pronunciation, and continuity. Hence, try to make your answer lengthy than required to make the examiner know your skills.

Behave Reserved

The other important tip that test takers should remember is about their way of being during the module. Along with your abilities in speaking your behaviour matters, hence try to be reserved during the interview.

It is suggestible to maintain eye contact with the examiner rather than looking around this shows how dedicated and determined you are.

Be Expressive While You Speak

In empathy, we will understand the essence of the communication and the speaker’s state of being from the emotions they use while they speak.

Hence it is very important to make use of required expressions and emotions while you speak as they’ll be the add-on to your speaking skills.

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