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This Is What Happens In The ” IELTS Speaking- Interview Task”.

The interview or the introduction is the first part of the speaking test which last for about 5 minutes where the examiner asks questions to the test taker in an interview style. There is a general consensus that this is the easiest part of the speaking test and for good reason.

Most test takers believe that this is the easiest part of the test mainly because of the nature of questions that are asked. The questions are of a personal/ professional nature where everything that is asked is about YOU. Lot of people feel comfortable when being asked about themselves because there is no need to ponder and analyze anything. Moreover, there is also no need to worry about not understanding the question as the questions are fairly simple and straightforward.

Some of the questions that are asked are about where you live, where you work, what you do, where you are from. Some others inquire about your hobbies, likes, dislikes, future plans etc. As can be seen these questions are quite simple where the test taker is expected to answer right away and do so easily. The test taker might need to worry about vocabulary and grammar though and not so much about fluency and pronunciation. Since these questions are personal very few people will hesitate to answer them. On the contrary, they will feel confident and answer these questions fluently.  

Now, answering questions fluently does not mean that you will pass the first round with flying colors. A lot of test takers make the mistake of answering some or all of these questions with just one word answers. Doing this will ensure a low score no matter how fluent you are. It is very important that a test taker give extended answers and not just short one word answers. The conversation should not only look natural but should also have enough conversation for the examiner to score.

So yes, it is the easiest part of the speaking test provided you give extended answers, remain fluent, pronounce accurately, use vocabulary, and adhere to grammar rules.

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