What is a Good GRE Score Out of 340

what is a good GRE score out of 340

What is the good GRE score you should target? Yes! Did you ask this question yourself at least once? Of course, potential test takers question themselves. And still they have some confusions and misconceptions. We will clear them now in this article.

The maximum marks awarded for verbal section and quant section is each 170. So, it’s a total score of 170 + 170 = 340.

Now per section, GRE scores have a lower and upper limit of 130 – 170. Eventually, the total GRE score has a lower limit of 260 and an upper limit of 340.

Ok! It’s time to know the average GRE score or you would never know what is good and what is bad. The average total GRE score is around 303. Per section it is 150 in the verbal and 153 in quant.

Hence, it is possible to classify the GRE scores into the following types.

Top GRE Score:

Top score is generally the one which will position you in the first 10% of all the test takers. And, approximation of the top GRE section wise score is

  • Quantitative: 165-170
  • Verbal: 164-170
  • AWA: 5.0+

Good GRE Score:

This kind of score will position you above 56-70% of the applicants. But, it might not help you while applying to a study program with high competition.

  • Quantitative: 153-160 (if you reach 162 it is a competitive score)
  • Verbal: 152-160
  • AWA: 4.0-4.5

Below Average GRE Score:

Through below average score, you might be able to apply for many types of course programs. But, you will be below 50% of the test takers and it is not really advantageous.

  • Quantitative: below 152
  • Verbal: below 152
  • AWA: below 3.5

What is a Good GRE Score: GRE Scores Percentiles

GRE score are generally converted to percentiles through GRE score conversion table. Your GRE percentile will show you the number of test takers scored above you and below you. Therefore, if you get a higher percentile, you are close to the top.

It means if you score a 95%, then you have scored better than 95% of the test takers and you are in the top 5%. Surprisingly if you get 169 and you got a percentile of 94%, it means 6% of the test takers gained a perfect score.

Sometimes a 5 point boost can give you an increase of 20% percentile also. Even analytical writing percentiles are also designed in the same way.

Does percentiles worth considering?

Listen! A graduate school expects its students in a different perception considering their desired qualification. But GRE has to award percentiles considering the whole test taking population.

GRE general test is taken by students from different educational backgrounds and score percentiles are given according to their program plan.

A student should remember two things to understand the score percentiles. They are

The competition extent. So, if it is high, then you should score high.

The relevant section to your program.

What is a Good GRE Score: GRE Score Individual Percentiles

This is the thing that actually matters. Your score percentiles are based on the relevant sections that you expect your future studies in.

Instead of focusing on all the sections try to get a perfect score in your section. It will help you. But for some disciplines, both the sections are similarly relevant.

Therefore as said already, to get the best GRE score percentile as possible, here are the tips:

Know the competition populace so that you would know how hard you have to practice. It is a direct proportionality. More the competition, the more you need to work. That’s it.

Know the section relevance so that you will understand which section score is expected in your future degree. This develops a strategic way of preparation.

Is 320 a Good GRE Score?

The magic number 320 is a target for almost every test taker. They feel that this is a hopeful number to get admission in their dream school for their future. We can reasonably think that this magic number will put us in a safe zone of around 80 – 90 percentile bracket.

Suppose section wise, your performance in the range scale of 130 – 170 should be close as possible to the higher edge. Consider the relevant section more cautiously.

But, honestly, it doesn’t mean that a 320 score will lead you to your exact goal. It is a hopeful assumption.

Your focused hard and smart work along with practice of good number of mock tests will help you reach beyond the magic number.

What is a Good GRE Score and a Bad GRE Score?

As a matter of fact, the key lies in the details. If you are completely aware of all the details of what you are trying to find a way is not difficult. Therefore we need this discrimination of good and bad score.

There is no specific number to say it’s a good score. The score which allows you to reach your dream goal is a good score for you.

But for your information, 150 in verbal section and 152.6 in quant section are said to be an average 50 percentile (not certain).

The admissions committee considers the score to pick out the weaker applicants. So, a low score really don’t help and a score on the edge might not guarantee if some essential element is missing in your application. But if your score is higher, it can cover up some relatively little things but not major ones.

Minimum GRE Score for Admission

Admission requires percentile that is derived from your GRE score. Percentile is the most important thing, but it is not certain. You could make it certain by knowing the scores your graduation program expects.

1.       What is the average percentile of your grad program?

2.       How competitive is your grad program?

3.       What is your relevant section?

4.       Which university do you prefer?

5.       Finally, what score should you score in each section?

You should make yourself clear with these first. A program average is 320 is a good score for you. If the average is more, you need to score high.

Hope it is less than 320, you’ve got to move accordingly. But if you aim for the 320+ score, it would certainly increase the chances of your admission in chosen university.

You can check the universities: 

Top Business Schools Accepting GRE Scores in USA

How Good is a GRE Score of 320+?

Importance of 320+: We were wooing around this for a while, let’s get to the centre. It’s all about 320+.

Everyone’s agenda behind GRE is to pursue future grad program in their chosen university/school. There are many calculations regarding this.

Some are approximations and some are straight figures. Still, as a matter of fact, no statement is certain here. It’s true.

You have to decide yourself evaluating above questions. It’s your target, your dream! University, grad program, percentile, relevant section and your score is the descending order of your journey. Look it’s done! Isn’t it?

You have to plan in this order and everything you need comes in your way.

A 320 score is not your average, it is 320+. Because a 320 score will put you in a safe bracket. Is it your goal? No!  320+ will help reach the higher percentile. Work as hard as you can.

It will help you with any deficits in your application even if your grad program doesn’t need a 320+.

It’s not rocket science if you plan correctly. Let us go with a study plan, things that you should take care of.

Certain universities you can refer:

Top 10 Universities in USA for GRE score 300 to 310

How to get a Good GRE Score?

Study Plan: GRE general test has three sections. Analytical writing (AWA) is about your analytical thinking capabilities. Other sections are verbal and quant.

First find which section you are not good at. You need to prepare all sections in a uniform manner. You should not have doubt in any of the sections. This helps you with a good score.

Next step is to think about the section that is relevant to your future grad program. This type of training guarantees percentile.

For quant tips, you can refer:

GRE Math Tips and Tricks to Score 160+

A good percentile is always starts with a 320+ as the base. This is what you have to target ones you think about taking the test. Aiming 320+ score needs a stepwise study plan.

You could refer: Top 10 GRE Tips to Score 320+

Your study plan is most crucial. A strategic way of approach towards your dream goals constitutes a high score in all the sections. In addition to this, your relevant section plays a prominent role. The consequent result is an apt percentile.

For all of the above to happen, you have to shoot the arrow on 320+. That’s your bull’s eye. Don’t forget.

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FAQ about Good GRE Score

1) How does a good GRE score influence the college admission process?

It directly depends upon the study program type you plan to apply. Suppose, for a STEM program only your Quantitative score along with your undergraduate GPA is considered. Let your AWA and verbal scores are below average. If you choose some writing or humanities, then your AWA and verbal scores are crucial. Also, your SOP and recommendations too matter depending on the nature of the program you are applying.

2) How long are the GRE scores valid for?

Your GRE scores are valid for 5 years from the end of the testing year.

3) What is the good score score I should target?

It depends on the competitive nature of the program you are applying for. For your information, 320 is a score that puts you in a safe zone.

4) What parts of the GRE score is important?

If you apply for writing or humanities, verbal and AWA scores are important and if you choose STEM, quantitative score is crucial.

5) Do we get the GRE scores immediately?

If you take a computer delivered test, you will get your official GRE  score in 10-15 days from your test date. You will find them in your ETS Account at the institution you designated.

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