“When” And “How” To Transfer Your Answers Into The Answer Sheet In The IELTS Test

When to transfer answers to answer sheet in IELTS, How to transfer answers to answer sheet in IELTS

Many students lose points in listening and reading modules because of silly mistakes. One of them is starting the answer with an uppercase letter. If the blank is in the middle of sentence, you cannot start with an uppercase letter unless your writing a noun. To avoid such mistakes we recommend you to write every answer in a single answer sheet in uppercase letters. For example, if you want to write “invention” as an answer, write it as INVENTION. You can apply the same technique in writing module as well to avoid illegible hand writing but, this would take a longer time to write your tasks.

Another important thing to remember is reading the instructions clearly. If the instruction says “write your answer in no more than three words”, and the answer is 5, you must write it as FIVE, instead of ‘5’ because the instructions dint mention about the usage of numbers.

If the instruction says, “write your answer in no more than three words and/ or a number” and your answer is 5 to 10. Then you must write it as “FIVE TO TEN” because the instruction says that you can you just one number.

One aspect you should never forget is to use the exact same word given in the passage if its reading module or audio if it’s a listening module. Never use synonyms of the word, unless the options are given. If the word in the passage or audio is a singular word, then the answer should be a singular word only.

It is crucial to follow the grammar rules of the English grammar.

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